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Green Tea – Suwirun (Pure Green)


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If you enjoy Green Tea, you will be astounded at the quality of our Pure Green (Suwirun) tea.

It is a Full Flavoured and Brisk tea which, once tasted, will never be forgotten.

A surprising characteristic of our Pure Green Tea is the lack the Astringency normally found in many other Green Teas.

This is due to our using higher quality ‘Oolong’ tea to bring you the ultimate drinking experience.

Nothing added nor taken away.

Our Flagship Green Tea.

Out of stock

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Our Pure Green tea is a full bodied, brisk, high quality tea which has become the favourite of all those that have purchased it.

Producing such an excellent tea is not an accident.

Firstly, we choose not to use Camellia Assamica leaves which are most commonly used in lesser teas.

Secondly, we use only full leaves in our loose teas, and refrain from using sweepings in our pyramid teabags.

Our Green Teas are produced from Camellia Sinensis, sometimes known as ‘Oolong Tea’. These are the same leaves that are used to produce the highest quality teas available.

The leaves of the Sinensis are smaller than the Assamica, which means that many more must be harvested to produce the same amount of tea.

The quality of the final product depends on the quality of the leaves used, and so only the best leaves of the bush are harvested by skilled pickers.

The leaves are then processed by knowledgeable hands under the supervision of a highly experienced Tea Master.

Of all the Green Tea that is available, you will be very surprised at the smoothness, depth and aroma our Premium ‘Pure Green’.

Enjoy the exquisite taste and immerse yourself in the aroma.

This is the finest Thailand Green Tea.

No more words are necessary; let your taste buds decide.

Enjoy a taste of Lanna, a Taste of Northern Thailand

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